Check out my previous post for other details on our East Coast Road Trip, here I'm rounding up NYC highlights! We arrived in New york with a huge list of things we wanted to see and visit and worked our way through as best we could! We started off with a little shopping downtown, popping into Madewell (I ended up getting a yellow jumpsuit, as you do!) Plus Nathan wanted to visit Best Made Co as he's a long time fan! Then we took a tour round Racquel's Dream Home which was filled with iconic pieces of design and fun to explore; plus those stairs!


Next we skipped uptown to see the American Folk Art Museum, we've both always been followers of outsider art and the collection did not disappoint, discovering new artists and also seeing a huge collection of drawings by Henry Darger below is a piece I really liked by Paul Laffoley; The Telenomic Process of the universe, love love love!

We also checked out the current exhibitions at the Met and especially loved William Eggleston's Los Alamos Photographs and of course the obligatory 'selfie' from the rooftop was taken!

We strolled down Madison Avenue taking in the local sites towards the Gagosian where one of our favourite artists Jonas Wood currently has an exhibition. I was entranced by the tennis ball wallpaper which I could not get enough of! But I also loved the new print editions especially this little one with the Wood / Kusaka Studios stamp!

Next we were hungry for both cake and Instagramable goodness so we hit Sprinkles who have a Cupcake ATM! Amazing, so we got Snapping and snacking! ;)


The following day we hired the city bikes for the day which was super fun as we went cycling over the bridges between Brooklyn and Manhattan stopping off in Chinatown to visit CW Pencil Enterprise which was a stationary addict's delight filled with the pencil goodness! Also there was a cute mural round the corner which I enjoyed practising my posing with! 


We cycled over to ESPO's art world  Stephen Power's art Gallery where he constantly exhibits work and has prints for sale! After seeing his mural series in Philadelphia it was great to see more of his work and chat to his studio assistant!


We took a detour over to Industry City to check out Camille Walala's latest, largest and most amazing mural to date; Walalapopcitybuilding! Awesome colour pops and graphic goodness, totally punching my eyes a treat to behold!



Finally we had an awesome day out at Coney Island which I remember going to in my early twenties and being utterly hypnotised by; I'm sure it's changed in the 10 years since but there was still at lot of charm and beautiful hand painted signs, exactly what I was hoping to see! 



Thanks so much for reading I hope that you enjoyed my roundup, if there is anything specific you'd like me to write about on here please leave a comment below! :D 

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