Designing my Bespoke Wedding Dress Embroidery!

Designing my Bespoke Wedding Dress Embroidery!

So I’m not going to lie after years spent working in fashion I am super fussy when it comes to what to wear, so picking a wedding dress was going to be tough. Everyone advised me to go to bridal shops and ‘just try a few on’ but I knew that that would stress me out! As it would be so far from something I’d be comfortable wearing and I’d feel weird for not swooning! The only thing I kept thinking was that I’d like to wear something from Gucci or in that style but unfortunately that’s a little out of my budget! So I narrowed it down to a pink pussybow dress that I could possibly customise and I got my google search on!

Wedding dress

After trying on and sending back about 4 dresses I found the dress above and on the far right on The Outnet and I knew it was the one for me as the design by Mikael Aghal had a collar and pussy bow which looked ripe for embroidery! Once the dress had arrived I put together a mood board of inspiration images some of which you can see below; I actually started out thinking about flowers but then I realised I could do whatever I wanted and make it totally on theme, so I played with some coral and shell ideas, sketching out my design.

Once I had my design sketched out and an idea of colours in my mind I took a trip to Fan New Trimmings to buy the beads, coloured thread and thin embroidery needles that I would need!

I started off by taking apart the pussybow and embroidering and beading coral and seaweed shapes on to both sides, mirror imaged. I thought I would put shells on the collar initially but then I happened across Hattie Mc Gills’s work especially her crabs and I thought they were amazing so I had to have a crab collar! All in all the embroidery took about four days work on weekends while sat watching tv! But I felt over the moon with it in the end as it was totally bespoke to me and totally fitted with the decor, we even made a matching crab for the scenery inspired by the dress!

f you want some supplier and website wedding tips then head here for my top tips and if you’d like to read more about how we hand made our wedding day then head here! I’ve also put together a pinterest board showing lots of my inspiration images and work in progress photos and files!

If you have any thoughts then hit me up in the comments below! :D Jacqueline x

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