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Saut Hermès 22

Saut Hermès 22

An awesome project for Sautés Hermès a show jumping event I created 5 outline drawings of different pegasus characters including: the Champion; a runner in sweat bands, the ballet star; with princess hair and the librarian; wearing specs!

Choose your Pegasus - colour them in and then they are scanned and appear into this fantastical illustrated world; I imagined the Pegasus living in the sky and took inspiration from show jumping gates as well as horses favourite foods, so carrot trees and flying apples nestle amongst the clouds alongside a giant Haystack - H, with kites, and Balloons flying around the background!

Massive thanks to Hermès for this unique project, over 2000 Pegasus's were scanned and coloured over the weekend, event! I love seeing and being a part of new applications for illustration!

Images and video thanks to Super Bien Studio

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